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What's done and what's left

First of all, I'm sorry we haven't updated you in a while. As some of you know, Razor Trail Survivors is a side-project of ours and we can't devote as much time as we'd like to it. Still, it is something we're passionate about and it will see the light of day as soon as possible.

The Lost Temple

In line with that, I wanted to give you a small update and a general idea of what is done and what is left to do. In the last couple of months the dev team has been implementing most of the features that were still missing or bare-bones: houses, gardens, weight system, equipment modifiers, PvP, factions and many others. Regarding feature implementation, we're confident to say that about 85% is done.

Obviously being implemented doesn't mean "bug-free" or even reasonably functional yet. While some are fairly tested, others are still quite fragile. This process will still take some time.

Please note that we're not worrying too much with game balance (stats, resources, timers, enemies, levels, etc...) at the moment. That is something we'll have a lot of time to discuss during the beta and where your feedback and gameplay experience will be essential. For now, we want to prepare a game that is fairly resilient and can be tested by the public.

Bugs are inevitable, but we'll try to squash as many as possible before you enter the Razor Trail.

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