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Simplicity against the chaos

Considering the nature of Razor Trail Survivors game genre, its design is based on bidimensionality that balances strong, opulent pictures with a clear and clean interface, doing away with superfluous visual noise. This way, an interface that stands on a minimalist iconography – as we're used to in gadgets – allows for an equilibrium with appealing pictures of characters, environments and actions in a realist setting that spans the entire game.

The pairing of text and visual elements into a small mobile screen was one of the major design challenges. Simplicity in the use of colors and transparencies allows us to help the user navigate the screens quickly and objectively.

All other graphical and typographical elements follow along the clean, modern interface of Razor Trail Survivors with some design hints of the devastation and struggle for survival that set the context for the game.

Combining all these factors, we've kept usability and the player's role in this game as an “action manager” at heart, presenting the necessary amount of information in a simple way, trying to make playing Razor Trail Survivors an amazing experience.

Flávia Grilo

Visual Dev

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