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Random events

The Razor Trail is a dynamic world shaped by the players in terms of economy and power-struggle between factions. There are however lots of random events - actions that can be accessed only temporarily in certain locations.

These can be single-events such as a crashed airplane that can be scavenged for parts and cargo or multiple small events that last a day, week or month - for example a military intervention into the Razor Trail which allows you to fight special enemies and of course, get their rare loot.

The game structure will allow for quite a lot of liberty when designing these events (time and location restrictions, faction-only events, special requirements, etc) and for diversity, we're looking for ideas from the community in order to have a nice pool of possible events.

If you have thoughts on what could be a cool random event to add - whether it be a trader that comes along looking for rare metals or a mutant invasion of coastal areas - we'd love to hear from you and maybe shape an event based on your ideas.

As usual, you can leave your feedback here, send us an e-mail or Facebook message or hop to our Discord channel - thanks!

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