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The story behind the Razor Trail

In the early 2020’s, climate change became humanity’s gravest threat. The greatly increased occurrence and severity of droughts, floods and storms was the catalyst that made geoengineering the last resort for climate control within a short time-frame to avoid irreversible damage.

A vast but sparsely populated region known as the Razor Trail was selected for a large-scale trial of environmental manipulation. Untested chemical solutions were applied but some of these experiments had unforeseen consequences on the region's wildlife and plants.

Despite foreign aid and military presence, villages that relied heavily on agriculture saw their once healthy and abundant resources get contaminated and diminish beyond the point of human life sustainability.

Revolts ensued and quickly spread to the urban areas as food and water supply-chains got compromised. Public order eventually turned into chaos and institutions crumbled as the population was swept by fear and the primal instinct for survival.

The communications and energy grid was destroyed and everything that could be used for survival was pillaged, including military supplies left by foreign military units.

The region split into a thousand pieces. Small groups that escaped contamination and civil unrest are now living in makeshift settlements and ghost-like cities without contact from the outside. A few years later, the Razor Trail is isolated and forgotten by the world.

You can help shape its future by joining a faction - more on these next time!

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