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Happy new year! We've been busy with chocolates and candy but work is progressing!

Today I want to show you how traveling works in the game. It is an essential concept and has its own tab in the top menu (the arrow icon). You need to acess this tab whenever you want to move to a different location - each location has its own possible actions and enemies.

The Razor Trail main map interface

For example, if you started at the Grey Mines and got some iron and coal, you can now move to the Brick Warehouses to have it smelted into steel. To do this, you'll go to travel tab (as pictured above) and then select the Channel Island region, where the Brick Warehouses are located:

Selecting a region and a location within that region

After pressing the "Go" button, you're taken to the action tab and the timer for travel is presented. The timer depends on the distance you're traveling and as with any other action in the game, it keeps going even if you close the game:

Left: Travel screen with a positive bonus indicator - Right: Location screen with Crafting actions visible

Once your travel timer ends, you'll be at Brick Warehouses. After you select the Crafting menu, the available actions for that skill and location are presented and you can select the "Smelt steel" action to start processing your resources.

Note: Steel will be one of the most widely used resources in Razor Trail Survivors as it is the base of many tools and weapons, including firearms.

There are currently 38 mapped locations in the Razor Trail spread across 6 regions. There are also a couple dozen hidden locations only accessible through in-game drops called maps which allow the player to travel there temporarily.

Each location allows the player to work on different skills and fight different enemies. There will also be random temporary events throughout the Razor Trail - we hope you go out there and explore!

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