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What will you fight for?

In the last post we presented you the story and context for the events on the razor trail. When you start as a new survivor, you'll join one of three factions, depending on what you wish to fight for:

Razors are the native people from this region. They feel they have been used by the rest of the world as lab-rats and left to fend for themselves when things turned bad. Now they are looking for liberation, revenge, or both.

Tightly connected to mother-earth, the inhabitants of this region felt a strong disruption of their livelihood and were forced to unite and resist.

The triangle of equilibrium now means danger and conflict, feeding their drive for revenge.


FTF is an elite unit secretly formed and financed by foreign governments. Their objective is to restore order to the Razor Trail and destroy all evidence of this incident and its connections to foreign entities.

This faction has its acronym on its shield - a symbol of force, capable of unleashing powerful emotions, both positive and negative.


Biotechs are scientists attracted to the Razor Trail because of its "peculiar" fauna and flora. They believe the genetic diversity that is now present in this region has a huge potential to benefit mankind if studied closely. This end justifies any means.

The rational nature of this scientific group instills their members with stone-cold decision-making abilities that allows them to achieve their objectives.

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