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Content is king, balance is queen

One of my favorite games of all time is Age of Empires II. For many fans of that series, the second installment of the game is still the best and that shared opinion made a high-definition remake happen a few years ago. Although there are many things one could use to justify its success, to me, its strongest point was content and balance: It had a lot of both.

While a lot of content can be found in many games, it's hard to balance it out so that all of it, or nearly all of it, is useful. In Age of Empires II you couldn't just build the best unit, because there simply wasn't one: If you built an expensive army of catapults, it could easily be defeated with a cheap group of swordsman. The same would happen if you made only one type of any other unit - it could be easily defeated because all of them had strong and weak spots. Balance was the key.

When balance exists but there is little content, it gets boring and repetitive easily. If there is a lot of content and not enough balance, then a huge part of that content will simply be ignored and it will be like it doesn't exist - I remember playing Counter-Strike and even though there were dozens of weapons, only 4 or 5 were actually useful.

In Razor Trail Survivors we're trying to build a content-rich game that is balanced and diverse. For example, there will be more than 65 weapon types. We're taking care that one type doesn't dominate all others by giving each of them different properties (resource costs, ammo, damage, handling, accuracy, ...) and also by introducing random variables into their generation (check the previous devblog post if you're curious).

The same applies to tools and armor but also to resources in general - some of them will be used only at certain levels or for specific purposes, but others will be useful across levels and skills. This way players can choose to specialize in a certain skill or go for a more rounded approach with a bit of everything. This also allows new players to sell low-level but still useful resources to higher level players and use that currency to buy some good gear that would otherwise be hard for them to craft themselves.

Gunpowder, steel and aluminum - Examples of low-level resources that are still useful for high-level players

The next blog post will be on the story behind the game - we hope you're curious!

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