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Equipment breaking down

Weapons and armor in many RPGs are eternal - once you get it, the only reason for you to change is if you find a better one. Sometimes this leads to a situation where there is not much incentive to try to find better gear, because it is nearly impossible to do so. It also leads to using your absolute best equipment in every situation without fear of losing it.

Another unwanted consequence is that it becomes very hard to deal with items that are released with overpowered stats. It is usually only noticed after some time when players start complaining about it or when that item simply takes over all others because it is too good. To fix this, most games nerf the items or remove them altogether, which is painful for players who paid or grinded a lot to get them. Some decide to keep them while making it impossible to get new ones, which makes their value increase absurdly, available only to a few elite players.

To make the whole equipment scene more dynamic and interesting, some games use durability mechanics, in which their uses are limited. We wanted to take things a step further and make it more unpredictable (as some games already do): Set a break probability for all equipment. In average terms, it is the same as durability - the difference is that you can have your amazing weapon break the next minute or not break at all for years.

This will make the player consider if he should be using his impressive high-level sniper rifle with 95% quality and great mods to hunt deer or wild boars instead of using a decent, cheap hunting rifle that will probably end up having a similar efficiency against these low-level animals.

Of course equipment with a higher level and quality will have (in general) a much lower break rate and most likely won't break for a long time, while crappy low-level/quality weapons will probably not last long. The equipment base-type also influences this in a great way - all gamers know an AK can withstand a beating.

The break-rate for gear will be a stat subject to several changes and I hope to count on the players to help me find the right balance, so that it makes you cautious without getting you frustrated.

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