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Player houses

I always start every RPG I play by basically grabbing every item I can. This becomes especially ridiculous when I play Skyrim (or any of the older Elder Scrolls like Morrowind) and 15 minutes into the game, I start feeling like a catering company with all the bowls, goblets and dishes I've stolen from unsuspecting peasants.

In Razor Trail Survivors there won't be many unsuspecting peasants, but there sure will be a truckload of stuff for you to hold on to - whether you plan on using it or just for bragging rights. Since your inventory is limited by weight, you'll be able to build houses to store all those resources and gear you collect.

Houses can be built in most locations and there are different types, each with different capacities and requiring different resources to build (wood, screws, bricks, cement, stone, ...). They can also be upgraded several times, expanding their capacity.

They are accessed by the action menu, just like the other available actions in that location. Then you'll be shown an interface where you can easily switch if you want to deposit something into the house or take something out of the house.

You can also switch between resources and gear to help you find what you're looking for.

Besides houses, there are also gardens. Those are places where you can grow plants and vegetables, but we'll see those some other time.

Thanks for your time and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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