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Skills overview

Skills are in integral part of any RPG and Razor Trail Survivors is no different. However, because it is set in a modern and semi-realistic context, some of the traditional skills used in classic RPGs wouldn't make much sense - for example smithing or magic-related skills.

So, we set out to imagine which would be the most relevant skills in a modern post-war, environmentally damaged region where people struggle to survive, while keeping in mind that it is a game, and those are supposed to be fun.

We ended up with two main categories of skills and an isolated one because of its nature:

1) Resource collecting skills

These are the basic starting skills used to collect resources:

Extract metals such as iron, aluminum or zinc and construction materials (stone, sand, ...) along with other useful minerals (coal, limestone, ...)

Collect wood for construction, tools and weapon components (stocks, handles, ...) and to use as a fuel source. Also allows you to get fruits and other useful resources such as turpentine and latex.

Catch fish for food and the occasional random resource such as algae. Why not hunting for food too? That's a part of Combat, discussed further on.

Plant and gather vegetables for food as well as other plants and herbs necessary for making stimulants and medicine.

Loot, steal and retrieve useful items and resources from crashed trucks, abandoned houses, hidden bunkers and many other locations.


2) Resource processing skills

These skills process existing resources and transform them into equipment, consumables or other more complex resources:

Mechanically or chemically transforming some resources into other more complex ones (such as rubber from acid and latex) or consumables (such as ammo from brass, gunpowder and lead).

Cooking meat, fish and vegetables to produce health-replenishing and stat-enhancing food.

Making weapons out of resources - from basic crude knives made out of simple resources to modern combat rifles requiring blueprints and composite materials.

Making basic, mechanical and electronic tools from shovels to wrenches and jackhammers in order to enhance your skills.

Similar to Weaponmaking, but for clothes and armor such as bulletproof vests, helmets and boots.


The last skill is Combat. It could be classed as a resource collecting skill because you can get drops from enemies but its mechanics and complexity differ considerably from the other skills and will be discussed in more detail in the future.

As always, if you have suggestions or any kind of feedback regarding our ideas, we'd love to hear from you! Thanks again for your time and hope to keep you around!

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Ruben Jorge
Ruben Jorge
21 בספט׳ 2018

I'm glad that you find those interesting. We'll go into more detail soon and also explore some other areas of the game. Thank you for your encouragement! PS: The main designer has scolded me because some of those skill icons are not yet final - she'll also have a say in the dev blog soon!


Omnipotent WaffleGod
Omnipotent WaffleGod
21 בספט׳ 2018

All of these skills sound really cool and intriguing looking forward to more dev updates!

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