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The numbers, Mason

There are lots of stuff to do still. The programmers are busy with features and the art is still preparing the hundreds of pictures the game needs - resources, backgrounds, enemies, weapons, tools, etc...

Me, I've been working on the content and the wiki. I hope to have a complete manual there, including all resources, actions, locations, enemies, equipment and a few guides by the time the beta goes live. That will help you get an overview of the game possibilities and how to get to your objectives.

Even though content will change from now until the beta launch (and even after the final version is released), I wanted to give you a general sense of the game's content and depth so far. Here are the raw numbers regarding resources:

Resources - 283 in total


These include base resources you can obtain through collecting skills such as:

  • Metals (iron, titanium, tungsten, ...)

  • Minerals (sand, borax, sulfur, ...)

  • Fish and other sea resources (perch, seaweeds, octopus, ...)

  • Natural liquids (water, brine, ...)

  • Forestry-related (wood, fruits, latex, ...)

  • Plants and vegetables (potatoes, tobacco, cotton, ...)

  • Drops from animals (hides, bones, meat, ...)

  • Drops from humans (ammo, food, maps, ...)

  • Drops from robots (components, parts, complex resources, ...)

  • Drops from... things (blood and bacteria samples, among other weird stuff)

Besides the collecting skills, crafting and cooking skills also produce other, usually more complex resources such as:

  • Ammo (9mm, 7.62mm, 12 gauge shells, arrows, ...)

  • Crafted resources (oil, steel, chlorine, ...)

  • Medical and drug items (bandages, pills, first-aid kits, ...)

  • Throwables (molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, grenades, ...)

  • Simple food (cooked fish and meat) usually used to restore HP

  • Complex food (lobster with butter sauce, salmon spaghetti, crab sticks salad, ...) usually used to give temporary bonuses

There will also be resources that can only be obtained from scavenging in occasional locations and others that will be obtainable through random events. All of them will be tradeable in the player market, which should make it interesting.

There is a lot to talk about regarding content (how many weapon, armor and tools base types there are and the differences between them), enemies, locations, houses, etc. This is enough for today and next time we'll get into one of those ;)

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