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The Wise, The Tracker and all the others

Mana is a game concept that is almost ubiquitous in every medieval/fantasy RPG. It is barely or never used in modern or semi-realistic ones such as Fallout, Borderlands, etc...

We wanted to include a mechanic that could be used from time to time to give some kind of bonus, but given the context of the game, it would make no sense for that mechanic to be related to mana and spells.

So we though about focus - something that you could put your mind into and get better at. Focus points are gained over time (just like mana) and can be spent on a variety of focuses. However, these have to be unlocked by using a specific book. These books will most likely be rare drops by enemies or random drops when executing some actions.

Focuses will also have their own level progression which will give more noticeable bonuses. In order to advance you'll have to gain XP for them, whether by using that focus or by using more books. This should make for an interesting player market for these items.

Some focuses have a negative effect as well as a positive one so that you'll have to choose carefully which one to use on your particular situation. Here are a couple of examples (please note that values will most likely change a lot when balancing the game):


The Tracker focus - Razor Trail Survivors

The Tracker (level 5)

* Increases accuracy by 2% for 20 minutes when fighting animals


The Tracker effects only apply when you're fighting animals, therefore it only makes sense to use it in those situations.


The Wise focus - Razor Trail Survivors
The Wise focus - Razor Trail Survivors

The Wise (level 5)

* Increases XP gained by 2% for 20 minutes

* Increases action timer by 5% for 20 minutes


The Wise focus allows you to gain more XP at the expense of a higher timer.

This focus would probably be more useful for those actions where you already have the minimum timer possible due to good tools - most likely lower level actions or if you can counter the negative effect with other sources.


The Short-fused focus - Razor Trail Survivors
The Short-fused focus - Razor Trail Survivors

The Short-fused (level 5)

* Increases damage by 20% for 10 minutes

* Decreases XP gained by 5% for 5 minutes

* Decreases side-drops by 25% for 5 minutes


The Short-fused focus gives a very hefty bonus to damage at the expense of a bit of XP and side-drops.


Focus content is pretty much still open - if you have any ideas or suggestions, please post here or send us an e-mail ( If you prefer, there is also our Facebook page and Discord server.

Thanks in advance!

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