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Why this and not something else

When I was a kid I loved playing video games. The first I remember was Space Invaders, on a computer which had no hard disk drive (I know, I'm old). Since then I've been playing games all my life: Platformers, shooters, strategy - you name it. But there is one type that always did and still does hold a special place: Role Playing Games.

From more classical RPGs like ADOM or Neverwinter Nights to action-packed hack'n'slash Diablo and even RPG-inspired shooters like STALKER or Fallout - I love them all and they've all influenced me one way or another.

Why idle/timer-based?

Most of us live busy lives and there are many excellent, active games for us to enjoy and get that adrenaline boost. However I always felt that games can also have a longer time-span of influence over us and allow us to pursue goals that lay far in the horizon.

Idle games allow us to go on undisturbed with our day-to-day lives while keeping us company, planning for objectives and casually interacting with them and their community throughout the day.

Why a modern, semi-realistic setting?

There are many idle or incremental mobile games around but you usually have to settle with medieval/fantasy - craft a sword and kill the orcs - or you can ride the industrial wave and bake cookies while clicking furiously (I personally disagree with using idle/clicker as synonyms).

I believe there are people who'd love an incremental game that features a modern setting and semi-realistic deep crafting and combat systems - I know I am one and I hope you are too.

I wanted to start this dev blog by sharing the main reasoning behind these two foundations of Razor Trail Survivors. Over the next weeks I plan to offer some insights into the game's mechanics and design. I would also love to hear comments or suggestions about all of this - don't forget this is a work in progress and your ideas may well shape a bit of what's to come.

You can do it by e-mail ( or through our Facebook page (

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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