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Enemy types

Combat will be a very important part of Razor Trail Survivors. It is not essential (you can go through your game as a pacifist and hit #1 fisherman if you wish!) but we're aiming to make it as interesting and diverse as possible.

There are about 120 different enemies already planned (with their own level, damage, attack speed/rate, hitpoints and drops) and each of them belongs to one of 4 categories: Animals, Mutants, Humans and Robots.

Animals - The Razor Trail is home to a wide variety of animals such as coyotes, wild boars and leopards. They are found mainly in forests, jungles and other remote locations and their drops are usually useful animal products such as meat, hides, feathers and tallow.

Mutants - Mutants are animals or humans that have had their genetic structure changed in dramatic ways. It is not clear if this was the result of the massive chemical spraying over the region or other more sinister experiments. They can be found in remote locations and also near laboratories and dump sites. You can rarely get something useful out of their dead bodies, but some claim that blood and tissue samples of these creatures can be valuable.

Humans - There are many interested parties in the Razor Trail. Besides the three main factions, there are several rogue groups with their particular agendas that will eventually clash against yours. You can find humans virtually everywhere in the region - from the lone survivalist in a ruined building or cave-dwelling psychopath to the highly trained spec-ops team. They have very varied drops: consumables (food, drinks, drugs), ammo, maps, equipment (tools, armor and weapons) and many more.

Robots - Whether it was designed as a surveillance drone or a high-tech killing machine, robots can be found guarding some of the research facilities and plants that are still working. Destroying them can get you useful electronic or mechanical parts and other components, or just a pile of metal scrap.

There will be some specific bonuses to fighting a certain enemy type. For example, using a Hunting Rifle against animals will wield a better drop rate than other types of weapons. There are trade-offs too - a Flamethrower will barely damage a robot but will turn a mutant into a crisp.

Content is still pretty much open to ideas - if you have some, let us know!

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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2 comentários

Ruben Jorge
Ruben Jorge
27 de dez. de 2018

Hey there James! Yep, you're right. Still eating all those chocolate cookies lying around but we'll be back very soon. I'll probably talk a bit about locations and maps in the game ;) Happy holidays!


James Dwayne
James Dwayne
27 de dez. de 2018

Winter break I guess? :)

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